Sunday, 1 October 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 13: Metallics

Here is my last minute entry for the latest PaperArtsy topic which is Metallics:

I finished it 5 minutes ago, the deadline is in 20 minutes or so. I will update this post later to list all the products I used.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

AALL&Create - ITAC 2017 tournament

In the last 6 weeks, AALL&Create were hosting the ITAC 2017 "tournament" - The International Tournament of Art & Craft - a series of six challenges with tutorials from various creative people.

I stumbled upon their webpage via Seth Apter, who is was of the featured artists and being in a creative slump, this short challenge was the right excuse for me to try to restart my creativity.

We were given a continent and multiple prompts each week - I didn't exactly do a "European", "American", "Asian", etc. theme but I chose some of the prompts to follow.

I created a special mini-journal for this tournament. Here are my pages (plus some step-by-step photos).

Challenge 1 – Europe
Prompts: Face / Papers (newspaper, printed paper, rice paper…etc.) / Letters, numbers / Blue colour / Ribbon, twine, string or lace / Textures / Something both vintage and modern

 Challenge 2 – Asia
Prompts: Mandalas / Geometric shapes / Tiles / Asiatic flowers / Calligraphy or handwriting / Fabric, faded or dyed / Powdered pigments

Challenge 3 – Oceania
Prompts: Patterns inspired by traditional symbols / Monochromatic black and white or colors of the Earth / Organic or natural material(s) / Inspired by traditional or indigenous art

Challenge 4 – Africa
Prompts: Warm, bright colors / Repeated ethnic patterns / Charms, pearls, metallic wire / Words or text / Textures, cracks, rust effect

Challenge 5 - The Americas
Prompts: Shades of green / Something transparent or sharp, like ice / Large format feature, XXL size / Money and currency / Music, samba / Decorations made of feathers, metal, leather…

The Grand Final - The World
Prompts: CIRCLE(s) symbol of the globe, and of infinity / Words for PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY or UNITY in any language / Wire, sewing, lace, ribbon, something interlaced to symbolize interconnectedness / WHITE color of unity and peace in the world / a HOLE or something OPEN

You can follow these hashtags on social media to see what others created:
#itac17 #AALLtournament2017 #aallandcreate

Saturday, 2 September 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 12 - Hybrid Inks

I'm back with a PaperArtsy challenge. I skipped (or didn't submit) a few challenges because I'm still in the creative crisis "phase".

The latest topic is Hybrid Inks. This is a page in my art journal:

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

#showusyourMEdia Challenge #2

This is another art journal page I created for a Dina Wakley/RangerInk monthly challenge. The topic of the July challenge was:

If you wouldn't say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself. ~Jane Travis
Create a piece of art about the things you say to yourself. Are you positive? Negative? Both?

I don't think I talk to myself while painting... Other than "what have you done? you ruined it all!" and then "ufff, you saved it". LOL

Also, I don't like to add my own words/journalling/etc. to my art journals. But - most of the quotes and words I use reflect my current state of mind. So they are "personal" in a way and mean something to me.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

PaperArtsy Topic 9 - Aqua

The newest PaperArtsy challenge topic is Aqua.

I created this page:

Here is a detail:

Products used:

  • Fresco paints - Jade + Bora Bora, Green Patina + Hey Pesto, Smurf + Buff, Limelight
  • Zinski Art stamps - ZA02, ZA05, ZA07
  • Infusions - A Bit Jaded, Orange County
  • white and black POSCA pen

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Why do I create? #showusyourMEdia

I created this page for a Dina Wakley/RangerInk monthly challenge. The topic was "Why do you create?"

I've often been asked about this - and people usually add "you should do this for living"... I only laugh because deep inside I know A) I couldn't possibly make a living doing art; B) I wouldn't probably want to turn art into something that I must do to make ends meet.

So... why do I create? When I look back at my humble beginnings I see a person that just wanted to escape the not-so-colourful reality of her world and create a world of her own, her personal haven.

As an introvert prone to depression, I used to escape into the world of books. But then I discovered the world of art journalling. It surprised me how quickly I came to like this art form. My journal doesn't contain “journalling” in its true sense because I keep a diary and – being slightly socially awkward - I don't want to share my deepest thoughts with anyone. But... it allows to show my mood and a little bit of the “real” me without revealing too much. So, it's basically "art in a journal" for me.

It bothers me a little bit that books and art don't go well together for me. Because when I paint, all my emotions and daydreams go onto the paper and then I have none left to accompany me to the fantasy worlds I like to read about. Recently, I've reached a compromise of sorts - audiobooks I can listen to while I paint.

So back to my journal page.

"Wanderlust" journal - MAY and JUNE

I'm here with my May and June pages in what I still call the "Wanderlust" journal:

inspired by Dyan Reaveley's class

 inspired by Kate Crane's class

one of the "Activities" prompt "I'm like a ... that..."

We were supposed to be "working big" in one of Kasia's classes. I made a big master-board which I cut into smaller pieces and created covers for my future journals.

But I also wanted to have something in my journal so I used the leftover pieces to create this page. I'm not super thrilled about how it turned out, though...

As I promised last month, this is the finished mini-book from the "working small" class.

a minibook in a mini box

 I felt slightly betrayed we only got a Finnabair interview this week
and not a class

inspired by Vicky Papaioannou's class

 not inspired by anything particular - just me testing my brand new stencil

 not inspired by anything particular - just me being in a very melancholy mood

inspired by Rae Missigman's class

Random "thought of the day":

I'm not a fan of the prompts that urge you to go outside your comfort zone. Yes, it's OK to try something new but this needs to come from within. You see some technique you've never tried before or you are scared of trying and you keep thinking about it and try it eventually - in your own time, at your own pace. But trying something uncomfortable just for the sake of trying - that is not right. This should be about you and not about going outside your box at all costs.

This is not supposed to be a rant - even though it might seem like one... it's just something that's been on my mind...

Also, I'm not sure how many people are reading this as I get close to zero feedback - which slightly discourages me from doing more detailed posts. I get into this "what's the point of this all" mood because I'm really not sure who's interested in this.



PaperArtsy topic 8 - Assemblages

I'm slightly behind with my PaperArtsy challenges - three topics or so... I've been very uninspired recently... Luckily, there are no challenges now, so I might be able to catch up.

The last topic before the break was Assemblages. This is my take on the theme.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

"Wanderlust" journal - APRIL

I find it harder and harder to be inspired by anything from the Wanderlust class. I'm still following the weekly classes but I feel they don't "ignite" anything. I haven't felt so uninspired in quite some time...

I've been doing art journalling for a while so I'm no beginner. I know how to start a page and I know there are rules and I know these rules can be broken. Maybe that's the problem - I've already defined (and re-defined) myself in art journalling. I know what works for me and what not. And so far, most of the classes were outside of my box. Not outside of my comfort zone. No! I'm up for trying new things - but within my rules, my boundaries. I'm not sure if I'm expressing my feelings clearly...

So, without further ado, here are my weekly pages:

One of the classes was about minibooks - I tried to make one, forced myself to make one, but it remains unfinished. I'm waiting if it "speaks" to me - I don't give up on it yet and might finish it one day...

I finished first of the three traveller's notebook inserts I'd devoted for this class. There is a flip-through on my Instagram (if you're interested).

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

ART MARKS - part TWO / 30 day challenge

Rae Missigman was hosting Part Two of her ART MARKS 30 day challenge. I totally enjoyed Part One (you can see it here), so I jumped in without hesitation.

Once again, I made a small journal using regular cardstock and bookpaper. I added some paint here and there on the pages to have something to kick-start my creativity each day.

This time, I was much busier with my "normal" life so I didn't usually have time to do one prompt every day. Most of the times, I did two pages at once.

In Part One, I used word stickers to decorate my pages. Here, I used random phrases from a book I was destashing.

Day 1 - Clustered / Day 2 - Repeating

Day 3 - Layered / Day 4 - Stacked

Day 5 - Round / Day 6 - Black and White

Day 7 - Arrow like / Day 8 - Filled

Day 9 - X'd / Day 10 - Horizontal

Day 11 - Just One / Day 12 - Erased

Day 13 - Sketched / Day 14 - Vertical

Day 15 - Transparent / Day 16 - Half

Day 17 - Pinpoint / Day 18 - Striped

Day 19 - Encircled / Day 20 - Covered

Day 21 - Parallel / Day 22 - Spiral

Day 23 - Numerous / Day 24 - Squared

Day 25 - Odd / Day 26 - Even

Day 27 - Connected / Day 28 - Dotted

Day 29 - Inside / Day 30 - Numbered

I must admit that this time, due to my busy schedule, I found it harder to focus on the creative process. Often, I didn't follow the prompts and just created something that was on my mind. Also, I sometimes felt like I was repeating myself - there are some similar pages in Part one. But... who cares?

There are flip-throughs on my Instagram - 1st half and 2nd half. I would like to thank you for all the kind comments and {hearts} you gave my photos.