Monday, 13 February 2017

PaperArtsy 2017 Topic 2: Masks

For the latest PaperArtsy challenge - Masks - I decided to do an experiment with Infusions.

I like to start my journal pages with a layer of tissue or deli paper. Here, I put a mask on a wet sheet of tissue paper, sprinkled some Infusions on top and sprayed it with water. I used regular paper to blot off the mess on top - getting a great result here too. When I removed the mask, I was left with a very nice pattern.

I glued the tissue paper to my journal page and added some paint across the white edges.

Finally, I stamped the foliage using Lin Brown's ELB04 set and the quote using Words Plate 2 set.

I made several different backgrounds with different masks and stencils.

I got many prints for the price of one - the actual tissue paper (middle), the blot-off paper (left), and also the under paper (right).

ART MARKS / 30 day challenge

Over the last 30 days, I took part in Rae Missigman's 30-day challenge called Art Marks.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Wanderlust 2017: JANUARY

Because the Documented Life project was not continuing in 2017 [insert a very sad face here], I was looking for a year-long art "project" with weekly prompts. In the end, decided to take the Wanderlust class.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

PaperArtsy 2017 Topic 1: Pink and Orange

New year, new journal, new set of PaperArtsy topics... The first one is "Pink and Orange".

This topic came a bit later in the month of January. I was very eager to start creating in the first days of the new year. I made a traveller-notebook-insert-style journal. I decorated the covers and made a couple of backgrounds and waited patiently for the "official" prompt.

Here is the page I created:

I used various acrylic paints for the background - you surely know the feeling... looking at your paint collection and there is not the right kind of pink and not the right orange to go with it. [sigh]

I stamped the patterns with Distress Paint. Something I like to do with these paints because they are liquid and also they dry a bit longer so you have time to fix the stamping mistakes.

I'm so looking forward to getting some of the new stamp sets from PaperArtsy - they are gorgeous. I should also get some more Fresco paints colours - pink, for example.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Documented Life Project™ 2016: DECEMBER

I'm here with the last month in my Documented Life Journal. And it is also the final month because, sadly, the DLP does not continue in 2017.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

PaperArtsy 2016 Topic 24 - Mail Art

I'm here with the final PaperArtsy topic which is Mail Art. I missed the previous three challenges - but wrote a short post about them if anyone's interested.

With this topic, I knew I wanted to incorporate envelopes on my journal page rather than decorate an actual one.

I created a template for the envelopes and cut them out of cardstock. I didn't want the page to get too bulky so I only cut the parts/flaps that would show.

Here are some details. I used Infusions and Distress inks for the background. I did some stamping and also some stencilling.

Finally, I added a tag (I believe this is a Stampendous stamp - I had the tag all stamped and inked in my stash) and a quote from Tim Holtz's phrases sticker sheet.

So, that's it for this year. My PaperArtsy Journal 2016 is (almost) finished - I still have one page (or maybe two) to work on. When I'm done, I plan to record a flip-through video and post it on my YouTube channel.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Documented Life Project™ 2016: NOVEMBER

I'm here with the penultimate post of the Documented Life Project 2016. As there will be no DLP in 2017 [insert a sad face here], I'm already thinking about what year-long project I'm going to embark on next year. I have my journal(s) ready, but there is still December to fill in my DLP unPlanner.

November Challenge: 
A Changing Seasons: Redefining Priorities 
I used a very similar theme for a different project and loved it so much so I had to recreate it for my monthly divider.

I used a PaperArtsy stamp set (Eclectica³{Lin Brown} 30) which is currently my favourite. So versatile, ideal for backgrounds. The dots are yet another perfect stamp for backgrounds - Waterwall by Katzelkraft.

Week 45 - Add something from the bottom of your purse / Word of Month
I don't usually keep random things in my purse so I used a collage of recent receipts and envelopes I'd received. I didn't know what to do with the background so I used it later in the month for my "word of month" layout.

Week 46 - Start with a photograph
I had a photo from a magazine of lanterns floating on a river (or a lake) in setting sun - a bit blurry, but nice colours so I used it to create this simple background.

 it says "we should be more interested 
in what's going on around us"

Week 47 - Use pen and ink only
I wrote this quote in black ink and added some doodles later.

But it needed a bit of colour, so I added a bit of Daler Rowney FW inks.

list TEN™: My Life Advice in Ten Words
I don't like this layout. I had my list prepared in advance and I don't like how I wrote the words. I might redo it sometime... We'll see.

Week 48 - Explore Pointillism
I took an old background starter and stencilled some dots on it. I confess, my creativity hit its lowest point of the year and I simply didn't know what to do with this prompt.

Pocket pages
I also created some random pocket art. I wanted to submit the layout on the left for a challenge but then changed my mind.

The purple layout was just to fill the pockets on the other side. I had a "duh" moment with it when I used what I thought was a white tape for my label maker and thinking hard about how I could alter it - only to discover it was transparent - yay!

There's a brief flip-through on my Instagram.